Download N Go Unit Studies ~ Buy them! You won’t reget it!



The Download N Go unit studies are a great tool for any homeschooler, whether novice or veteran.  So much work has gone into developing each of the typical school subjects as well as encouraging multi-sensory learning.  The enjoyable recipes that are included are always simple yet delicious to make, and promise to become some of your family’s favorites.  My children love the indoor and outdoor activities and crafts, and the links for further research, book list, vocabulary words, will save you SO much time and effort.


The entertaining video links provided are a welcome change from typical schooling.  We have especially enjoyed learning about how things are made.  Homeschoolers tend to not have a lot of opportunities for field trips, and these links are just the ticket.  From an apple orchard and cider mill to a manufacturing plant, these unit studies provide exciting and educational tours.


Download N Go unit studies can be used to cover one, several, or all of a student’s subjects.  They are also very helpful for studying subjects across grade levels. The unit studies are geared to elementary age students, however the little ones will enjoy them as well as the highschoolers, who will regularly get distracted from their studies to come and participate, as mine have done.


In short, you will be amazed at how easy and gratifying school will become in your household!  What a joy for all of us to LOVE doing our school!  And yes, I said “OUR school” as I have probably learned as much as they have!  I plan on buying one of the packages for use over the rest of the school year!  Enjoy!


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