Davy Crockett Download-N-Go! Review

Yet another delightful Download-N-Go from Amanda Bennett and The Old Schoolhouse!  This unit study on Davy Crockett is chock full of terrific historical information, United States geography studies, a character study, a government study, patriotism, and even how food preservation works.

I absolutely love the log cabin craft, so simple, yet fun for all of the kids!  They can make their own little town! There is also a craft for making your own compass. The videos are completely enjoyable, especially the full length documentary on Davy.  The whole family crowded around to watch it!  Another of my favorite features is the quotes and excerpts between each day.  This DNG has delightful ones to go with the theme, focusing on patriotic and colonial poems and songs.  They are just right for easy memorization that even the 3yo and 5yo take pleasure in learning.  Each one has a beautiful picture for the background, so I print them out as a 5×7 and laminate them to allow the children to carry them around and memorize them! 

I love these DNG’s.  In the words of Davy Crockett, Be always sure you are right—then go ahead.”  With these unit studies, I am sure I am right!  The kids love them, and so do I.  Davy Crockett was no exception!

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