Autumn Treasures E-Book Review

Autumn Treasures E-Book is a delightful little science toolkit!  My younger four children, ages 3-9, enjoyed going outside and collecting leaves, twigs, berries and undergrowth for the many projects, including making a fall wreath and doing crayon rubbings.  As a mom with many children, I really appreciated all of the work that went into finding all of the links for videos and activities on the internet.  All I had to do was click on the link, and institute the activity.


There are activities, book suggestions, on-line videos, discussion questions, recipes and crafts for each day. Honestly though, with all of the content included in this e-book, you have several weeks worth of science you could do!  We spent several hours on it the first day alone, learning about the seasons, equinoxes and solstices! Even my older boys got side-tracked from their work and enjoyed watching the videos.


Comments from my 7yo and 9yo included: “This is fun, Mom!” and “Look at my folder, Mom!”  They beg me to do science each day.  I just have to get myself organized so we can jump right into it in the morning!  Thanks for making science easy and fun for all!

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