Review of August’s Molly’s Money Saving Digest

Molly’s Money Saving Digest is a great monthly tool for learning new tricks and ideas for saving not only money, but your sanity, in a broad spectrum of areas of life.  Her topic this month is Organization for Busy Families. Whether you have one child or several, like I do, you will be sure to find some ideas that will help in organizing twelve areas of your home, from the bathroom to files on your computer.


One of my favorite features is the recipes for making your own make-ahead mixes to help you save money by not buying pre-made boxed mixes.  These mixes are also healthier for you, as they don’t have all of the additives and preservatives that go into the boxed type, but you still have the convenience of having so much of it ready-made.


You will also read craft ideas, a list of special dates for the month, photos, and links for further research on the internet.


I thoroughly enjoyed reading through the Digest, and am looking forward to trying many of the recipes and ideas included.

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