Spring in February!?!?

I can’t believe this! I thought it must have been a fluke on Valentine’s Day, as it was 40 degrees here that day.  The next day is was the normal 10 degrees again, but since Sunday, it has been raining and 40 degrees again!  Our temperature today was within a few degrees of what my grandparents in Utah had!  I am SO getting spring fever too because of this.

Speaking of doing things, my wonderful, handsome, sweet, dear husband got me cabinets for my laundry  room  for Valentine’s Day!  I was/am SO excited!  For those of you who don’t know me well, I don’t even have KITCHEN cabinets, so ANY cabinets is TOTALLY awesome!  I have had one cabinet in my launry room/pantry where I kept literally ALL of the chemical compounds, so they were out of reach ofthe babies, since again, I don’t have kitchen cabinets.  Everything from laundry to kitchen to cleaning to home building to camping and baseball, you name it, if there is a chemical solution for it, it was shoved into that one tiny cabinet!  Also, all of my hand towels, placemats, cloth napkins, rags, bibs, faceclothes, dishtowels, etc.  were all neatly (usually!) stacked on top of the washer.  ALL of that is now neatly tucked away INSIDE of my new cabinets!!!  YEAH!!!  Oh, except for the home building, camping, and baseball chemicals.  They are all going to stay in the old cabinet which is making it’s way  downstairs to the utility room!

Ok, so picture time, eh?!  I kind of got excited and forgot to take a before picture, so I found this so you can kind of see what it was like.  The white thing there is the old cabinet.  The walls were the same color. The  cream thing has been gone since we moved it down the road,  and the washer and dryer have also been unstacked since then. Anyway, you kind of get the idea….

And now for the AFTER picture….

Isn’t it beautiful!  The color isn’t quite that green.  It is more like a deep sage green, really pretty.  Anyway, I am MORE than happy with it!

9 thoughts on “Spring in February!?!?

  1. We just added some new cabinets to our kitchen and it makes all the difference in the world. I hope you get some kitchen cabinets soon!


    PS I'm glad for your warmer weather! It is snowing here again. Ugh!

  2. Wow, that is really nice! The little things really make a difference, don't they?

    Yeah, we have had some nice warm weather here too with pretty cold nights. It is strange, but the sun has been so nice!

  3. We tried what you did for the kids too. They weren't happy to have MY friends as opposed to choosing their own. So we just set up free email accounts like at gmail or yahoo that I help them manage. Then we made their profiles private (I thought).

  4. I agree with you about the very weird weather lately.

    I'm not sure we'll come to the APHEA convention this year. My husband will be out of state, so I need to figure out if I want to do it alone. It would be great to meet you though. I'll let you know.

  5. Thank you so much for the book! I have not had much of a chance to look at it much, but it looks great! i got my prize in the mail too, the Passionate Housewives book which I am excited about!

  6. So glad you commented so I could stop over here and meet you!

    I answered your question in the comment section of my blog. Please stop back by and read it! And also let your friends know about the Girlhood Home Companion, and the giveaway. :)

    I will be back to read more about you!



  7. Grace, thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I'm so glad you found the post about Alaska! We had a wonderful time. We were in Anchorage most of the week. I am pretty sure the name of the home is the Baptist Boys Home. It was there in Anchorage.

    Your children are beautiful! I will have to stop back by your blog again! :)

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