I WannaBe A Firefighter Review

I WannaBe A Firefighter, in the WannaBe Series by The Old Schoolhouse, is a week long unit study on firefighters.  Laid out more like a textbook style, this unit study seems to be geared for middle school age children. There is a tremendous amount of information included, ranging from pay scales of a fireman, building a robotic arm, handwriting practice, creative writing topics, vocabulary words, and food and activity ideas for a firefighter party!

One of the best features of this e-book is the science activities, which center on robots.  What kid isn’t fascinated by robots?  The authors go into great detail about what is considered a robot and categories of robots, and then focuses on robotic arms, concluding with having you build one out of Styrofoam and craft items!  What a great science fair project that would make!

At only $8.95, this is a fascinating study, especially if you have an older child who is interested in being a firefighter or wonders what that job entails.

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