Product Recall – Bleach

I just got this in my email.  Fortunately I don’t buy much bleach.

PRODUCT RECALL: Everyday Living Bleach

Dear Valued Customer,

In case you missed the following information in the news, we just wanted to make sure you heard about this important recall and its special instructions.

Fred Meyer is recalling bottles of bleach that were sold exclusively at Fred Meyer and QFC stores that could potentially burst out of the bottle when opened.

The Everyday Living Bleach involved in the recall was on the shelves beginning January 17. It includes 96 oz. bottles of the regular, citrus and mountain blend bleaches as well as 128 oz. bottles of the regular bleach.

If you purchased the product, you should put the bleach in a garbage bag, and place it in a second bag if the container looks bulged.

Please don’t attempt to take this item back to a store. Instead, move the item to an area where it won’t cause damage and contact the manufacturer, KIK Customer Product, at 800-479-6603 ext. 656.

Please be ready to provide the UPC number, description, size and sell-by date on the bottle.

Arrangements will be made for the manufacturer to come and pick up the bagged bleach.

If the UPC number or the sell-by date cannot be viewed without touching the bottle, but was purchased after January 17, simply bag the product and call the manufacturer.

Thank you.

Fred Meyer

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