Photo Hunt – Heavy

This is a picture of our house being moved down the highway in Alaska.

It was definitely HEAVY!

I guess I need to clarify this post.  This picture was taken through my windshield in September of 2006.  I merely posted it as part of a Photo Hunt I was participating in.

We have since raised it up 10 feet, built a basement under it as well as a large entryway off of the front of it.  I will have to post  a more recent picture, as it truly is a work in progress!  I really do love this picture though. The Lord certainly provided a glorious day for our fantastic move!  Oh, and we took a field trip day for school this day too!  Gotta love real life learning!

3 thoughts on “Photo Hunt – Heavy

  1. Love the fall colors. Right about now, in the middle of our AK winter, I could use some of that color. That is a wonderful picture by the way, thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh, yeah! Been there, done that, still remember. Ours was in spring, though. Lots of stories–like the prep workers who started cutting into the foundation–on Saturday morning at 6 a.m. with a jackhammer under our bedroom window. Didn't expect that one. And there was the picture the mover showed us of one of his errors. Stopped on the tracks to check clearance and–you guessed it. That really inspires confidence. It has been thirty three years. When did you move yours?

  3. It seems like I read that last time I was here – otherwise this picture is not new…anyway, I hope your move is going well if it indeed is happening.


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