Checking in again!

I bought myself a new laptop, and thought that would help me keep more current with my blog, but it hasn’t happened.

I am still very pregnant.  I have less than 2 weeks left.   The ultrasound indicated that the placenta is already calcifying, so she thought he would come a little early.  I have been feeling that way for a while anyway.  He is on track to be as big as his older brothers, not little like my last two.  Ben was 8lb 2oz, Aaron was 8lb 10oz, and Ivan was 8lb 11oz..  Then they got smaller from there.  Joseph was already 4.6lbs at 34 weeks!

Anyway, I have been getting ready for baby, and spring cleaning.  I can’t tell if it is nesting or spring cleaning, but I can’t seem to stop rearranging, cleaning, and getting rid of things!  I can’t find my tiny baby stuff though.  I have bought a few things from the second hand stores, but I don’t want to get too much, since I know that stuff is somewhere.  I am wondering if we took it to our storage container in Talkeetna, since we were living in the apartment when Timmy was a baby.

I keep getting contractions.  They are doing a something (As of last Monday, I was 3cm dilated, but the cervix was still long and posterior) but not getting too serious or regular.  He is head down and very low, so I don’t think it would take much to get things started.  Naomi was almost two weeks early, and Micah and Timmy were about a week early, so hopefully Joseph follows in their footsteps and comes soon.

Craig may be going to Seattle on Wednesday (the day after tomorrow), so I am a little nervous about that.  He will leave home around midnight, and his plane is supposed to land back in Anchorage around 9pm, so he should be back home around 10:30pm.  I have an 18yo gal from church coming to stay with me, so at least I won’t have to drive myself to the midwives if he comes while Craig is gone.  In God’s perfect timing….

A couple of weeks ago, Micah cut his knee.  It was actually kind of my fault.  I set a glass down, and it obviously wasn’t secure, because it fell off and landed on the concrete floor, shattering.  Micah was right behind me when it happened, and he started crying really badly.  I thought he was just scared, but when I asked if he had gotten hurt, he said yes.  I pulled up his pants leg, and found a bloody cut that was gaping open.  All I can figure is that a piece shot up his pants leg, "like a bullet" as the PA who attended him said.  I had to take him to the Medical Clinic and he got two stitches.

The weather has been absolutely beautiful!  We actually had a few days around 70 degrees already!  Mostly it has been sunny and in the high 50’s-mid 60’s though.  The kids and I have been loving it.

I have been doing some more birdwatching, so that has been a lot of fun.  I have seen three new species already this year, as well as many of the ones I identified last year.  My zoom lens on my camera isn’t functioning though, so no pictures.  I need to get it shipped in and fixed, I just keep procrasinating!

Well, I just thought I would post the latest on here.  Probably everyone has given up on my posting, but since I am using this as a journal, at least I will have something written a little more recently!

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  1. It is good to hear from you. I'm been thinking of you and Joseph and wondering how you are doing. We have been enjoying some time weather too. I have not wanted to be inside more than I have to, so my blog suffers.

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