Blogger Friend School – #11 {Praying for Needs}

Prayer needs:

Me: I haven’t been feeling well since Thanksgiving.  Nothing major, but the kids had the flu, which I never got, but just didn’t feel good.  Now I have a very bad sinus cold.

I am also striving to "die to self" and live for my God and family, instead of what my "needs" or wants are.  There is too much these days of the "take time for yourself" mentality.  I got sucked up into it, and it is amazing how miserable it makes you, and how pleasing it is to take your eyes off of what you don’t have (time for myself) and go out of your way to make others lives nicer.  It makes for a more pleasant mama too!

One of my best friends (aside from my dh!): Angie is the sweetest, most giving, homeschool mama, with two little ones.  Her husband has been diagnosed with an aggressive neurological disease (similar to Lou Gehrig’s disease).  He will be wheelchair bound in the next year, and has, at the most, 5 years to live…according to the doctors!  but not necessarily according to the Great Physician!   Please pray with me for Mark that God would slow his disease, provide a miracle, or provide a cure.  Pray for Angie as this is so hard on her emotionally.  Watching your husband degenerate has got to be agonizing.

My brother Jake and his family: My sister-in-law, Heather, is not saved.  God has been working mightily in her life (and in my brother’s life) but please pray that she would see God’s light, that they would be able to move out of where they are now (extenuating circumstances make it very hard) and closer to their church and family (us!).  Also, pray that Jake will be the family leader that he needs to be.

These are what are dearest to my heart right now.  Thank you for praying!


12 thoughts on “Blogger Friend School – #11 {Praying for Needs}

  1. I pray that you will soon be feeling better. I also pray for your friend's husband (from experience, I know that the doctors can get it wrong!!), may God find some way to ease their burden.

    Every blessing,


  2. I know exactly what you mean about dying to self. I too got caught up in the me time thinking and it shows, and not in a good way!

    I will keep your requests in prayer!

  3. I will be praying for you and your family for your health, your brother and sister in law, and for your friend and her husband. I know God can work miracles in all these situations. Have a blessed week.


  4. Lord, we pray that You hear Grace's requests for healing. We thank You for being the Great Physician and that we are healed through our faith in You. We also ask that You will soften her sister-in-law's heart and put a conviction there to know You. We are so grateful for Grace and her desire to know You better. We ask that you bless her life abundantly. In your holy name we pray, Amen

  5. Father God~

    I pray in agreement with my sister in Christ and lay these things at the foot of the Cross for you to handle. Every time Lord that my Sister wants to pick them and walk in her own flesh remind her that it is Your burden to carry.

    Lord, Bless the children of this household today and everyday. Bless the mom of this household with the skills and talents that she needs to raise Your children the way you want them raised. Bless the dad of this household with a deep loving relationship with his children and with you, Father. Also, bless this family with your perfect health and healing.

    I pray this in Jesus' name, Amen.

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