Weekend baby update

Well, we are still holding on here…no baby yet.   All weekend I have been having contractions to the point of wondering if we should head in to the birthing center.  We live an hour away, and my labors go pretty quickly, so I anguish over making the drive down, and not really being in labor.  Anyway, I guess I just need to mellow out and stop fretting about it, and I suppose I will really know when it is time.   God has safely delivered two of my babies from here, so I have no doubt He will do it again.


My dad preached a sermon yesterday about trusting God and how we have peace through Him.  He will never fail us if we rely on Him.  Instead of fretting and worrying, we are to turn to Him in prayer, and REJOICE, knowing that He hears us.


I am just going to enjoy sleeping through the night (mostly!) and getting lots done around here.  Now that we are past the 37-week mark, I don't have to worry about doing whatever I want to to get the house ready for a new little one and a move.  I am just praying that he doesn't come the last week of August, as we are supposed to move on September 1st…even if he comes a few days late, after the move!  At least we would be right across the street from the birthing center then!


Still no name….

One thought on “Weekend baby update

  1. I pray that this Little will wait till you are right close to the Birthing Center. I remember when I had to travel to town from where we live. ( 30 min. out of town ) and on top of that there was blasting and made delays getting to town. When I did go in labor and we had to travel threw the line ups . God timed it just perfectly and we ….Got Right Threw ! PTL. So I pray for the right timing for you and your little one when he or she make his/her debue. God Bless.

    In Him,

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