Thankful Thursday!

Thankful Thursday       

I really like this plan that I have.  It really helps me get started, but then I can’t stop!  It think all day long about what I can blog about!  LOL!

Today I am very thankful that we no longer live so far away from church.  A couple of years ago, we lived in Talkeetna and the church was meeting in South Anchorage at a member’s home at 10:30am.  That meant a 2.5 hour drive , and we had to leave by 8am.  It also meant needing snacks on the way to town and  having to grab food on the way home, as well as do grocery shopping, as we would try to utilize our being "in town."  We lived in a pretty rural area, with only a tiny country story, which was rather expensive, so buying for our big family had to be done in town.

After getting up at 6-6:30 and getting everyone out the door, all the driving, sitting through service, running around the grocery store, dealing with crabby kids and fussy babies, getting home late, and putting groceries away, my "Day of Rest" was anything but that!!  I craved the fellowship, and the time that I had my husband’s mostly undivided attention was very nice, but there were many Sundays that I really didn’t want to even think about going to church.  It was too much work!  It was too exhausting!

There is still one family in our congregation that has to travel a couple of hours to service.  I know it is very hard for them, and I am especially sensitive to the mother’s needs.  Fortunately, the services are now not in South Anchorage as we are renting a building at a midway point, and services are at 2pm, so no more early morning drives.  I am sure that she is still exhausted after the trek though.

I am so thankful that it is now only 40 minutes away from us, and we can participate in the other events easily as they come up.  No more sleeping on the floor at my parents house, just so we can be a part of the church.  Now, I just want to help make it easy on the family that isn’t so fortunate.  God is good!

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  1. Wow – I can't imagine having to drive so far for church. But I don't suppose your situation is that unique….I'm just glad it's gotten shorter for you! (A 40 minute drive would be long enough for me!)


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