Rockin’ Our Extra Chromosome video!!

As part of a school project, my daughter, Naomi, made a video of pictures of our new online “friends” from all over the world, for a positive look at Down syndrome (Trisomy 21). I hope you enjoy it as much as she and I have enjoyed making it!

4 thoughts on “Rockin’ Our Extra Chromosome video!!

    • Thank you, Rick! So glad you enjoyed the video! It means a lot! We love following your blog, especially since Seth is only a few months younger than Noah! Let us know what Noah thinks of the video!

  1. Hi! My sister (mom of Sam, in your video) shared your video on her Facebook. I just want to say Wow! Great job! What a beautiful heart you have. Not only are you sharing the beauty of those with Down Syndrome, but you are sharing The Lord as well. Awesome job! May you and yours be greatly blessed. <3

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