Puggles, Cubbies, Sparkies…Oh my!

My Awana kids!

Timmy is a Sparky, Micah and Naomi are in T&T, and Joey is my adorable little Cubbie! Seth (not pictured) is a Puggle! They are very proud of their new books they earned by memorizing Scripture!


I had only brought my iPhone to take pictures, and “The Flash” didn’t slow down enough for me to get a decent picture, but at least I got one with him! Not so lucky with the other three!


The kids had a blast learning new games too, although sometimes it’s a little disappointing when they stop playing the game right before it’s your turn to play. :) But hey, they moved on to Dodgeball!


By the time I made it down to Timmy’s class, he had already been presented with his book for memorizing John 3:16. He’s very excited to learn more in his book so he can earn his vest!

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