Ordering food from Amazon!

I have started ordering food from Amazon, a little at a time.  I like their “Subscribe and Save” prices and the best part is that the shipping is FREE which is a HUGE deal here in Alaska!  The kid thought it was hilarious that I was picking up Raisin Bran from the Post Office, but at $1.98/box, who can pass that up??!?

They regularly have sales, especially on Kellogs cereal, so it is really fun to add a new product to my subscriptions.  Here are just a couple of our favorites so far:

Raisin Bran
Raisin Bran Crunch

I looked at getting diapers this way too (Huggies Size 4), but it was the same price as Costco, and I was headed there anyway, so I just bought them at Costco.  If I’m not going to Anchorage anyway next though, I’ll just have them mailed to me!

Just thought I would share one way I am saving a little money on “fun” stuff!

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  1. Oh good! Now I know whose affiliate link I’ll use when making my Amazon orders! (In case you didn’t know, unfortunately, they don’t give you credit when you order through your own link like some other companies do.)

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