March Seth Update

First, I have to define some words. According to my books, “army crawling” is technically crawling, and what we generally think of as crawling, is called creeping. That being said, Seth can now crawl the full length of the house, about 45 feet, at one time!

While reading How to Teach Your Baby to Be Physically Superb, I found that at the stage Seth was at, just starting to crawl, that we should expand his distance 1ft per day, and by the time he could reach 100-150 feet, he would start pulling his knees up under himself.

Well, we started out under the quilt rack in the livingroom, but he didn’t want to add just a foot a day! Once he got going, there was hardly any stopping him! Some days, he will tire rather quickly of the game, but other days, he goes full bore ahead! So, he can make it all the way down the hall and past Daddy’s office door, with us building block towers as fast as we can so he can knock them down!IMG_2624Remember how I said that once he hit 100 or more feet he would start pulling his knees under himself? Well, on Sunday, at church, he got up on his hands and knees and was rocking back and forth!! Won’t be long now!

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