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modern-essentials-4th-editionJust bought this book a couple of weeks ago. It looks like it will be a good reference book for oils. It refers to doTerra products, but you can easily figure out which oils work best from other essential oil companies as well. I wanted to have a reference that wasn’t online too, so if the power is out or there is an emergency out of range, I can still look things up. Being reliant on the internet is not ideal when it comes to medical issues!

2 thoughts on “Essential oil reference book

  1. Oh wow, I’ve been looking for something like this! Have you had time to thumb through it or put some of the uses to action yet? I use doTerra as well and would much prefer essential oils to medicine, etc… I’d love to hear what you have found works!

    • I’ve used it a little. I actually mostly use Heritage Essential oils, as there are no middle men, so they are a lot less expensive. I wanted a reference book to use in case I couldn’t access any online, but I still tend to use her website most of the time. We love the Respiratory blend, Pain-X, Lavendar, Peppermint.

      I diffuse Respiratory Relief in Seth’s room when he has a cold. He wakes up not stuffy when I do, and stuffy when I forget to plug it in. We use lavendar for every skin issue, including cuts, scrapes, etc. Peppermint is great for tummy aches, headaches (although if it is a bad one, I go straight to Pain-X!), bug bites. Pain-X is great for, well, PAIN! My son broke his ankle last year, and used it extensively. He still will grab it when his ankle is sore after a hard day of play.

      My daughter made some rice bags, and put a drop of oil in them, so they smell nice and have the added benefit of relaxation from the oils as well as the heat.

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