Baby update

The baby is doing really well. We are having our 5th boy, and he still
doesn't have a name. 😉 He seems to be really small too. My hips are
doing pretty well this time! Praise God! They are still achy and sore
at times, but don't pop nearly like they did with the last two babies.
He was breech a few weeks ago, but on Wednesday I went in and he has
turned head down. He is still pretty little, so he could move again,
but I am hoping to encourage him to stay that way.

Both of my last two babies came two weeks early, so he may come in the
middle of August. I am planning for him to do so, but not expecting it,
so I will be ready but not too anxious. He is REALLY low (people have
asked if he has dropped already), so I am also planning for a very fast
labor (they usually are pretty fast anyway!). My contractions have
already started, about 5 a day or so. Mine always start 2-4 weeks
before delivery, so when I show up for delivery I am usually at 5cm or

We won't be moving until after the baby is born now. All of *our* plans
have changed. Our church family laughs at us and says we should write a
story about our changes, but we are just trying to figure out our
all-knowing God's plan, so it isn't really our fault! LOL! We are back
to our first plan of moving our house 50 miles onto our own property.
Aren't you excited Janet!!! Don't worry, we will be posting pictures
and maybe even a video clip when it happens! Oh, and as a side note,
one of the bridges that we *have* to go under is only 3 inches taller
than our house will be on one side, and 7 inches taller on the other
side! We will make sure to get that on video!!

Prayer requests would be that we would make the hour drive in time for
delivery, that everything would go smoothly and baby would be healthy,
that the house plans will be finalized soon (dh is hoping to go to the
bank next week to get the construction loan), that all of the
sub-contractors would get their bids back to us soon, and that dh would
be able to be home more often than he has been. (He was gone for four
days this last week, and for most of the month of June.)

I am also a little anxious about this delivery. For some reason, I keep
thinking I should have this one at the hospital. My last three have
been with the midwives at the birthing center with no complications and
I never gave it a second though, but this time I just feel uneasy. My
midwife thinks it is because dh has been gone so much. I just don't
know. I was really looking forward to living in town with this one, and
that won't be happening now, so that may be part of it too. Just please
pray for peace of mind for me.

Our mis-adventure yesterday

You know, what would we do if life was boring and simple?  Having five children, and another one on the way, we don't get any “boring” days.  Yesterday was definitely not boring.


We were getting ready to go to the library.  My youngest (18mos.) LOVES to be outside, so I got him all ready, and let him out the door.  The other kids were outside too, so I figured he was fine.  One of the kids got something out of the van and left the door open, so the baby, who *loves* to play in the van, climbed in.  His sister got in with him, and played for a little while, then got tired of it, and got out, closing the door.


I'm really not sure how it got locked, but I can only assume that the little imp couldn't keep his hands off of the power lock button.  Of course when I tried to get him to UN-lock it, he would only push the button down, not up.   I did manage to get him to pull on the front door handle, but he can't quite pull it all the way out, so the lock only lifted a little, and I still couldn't open the door.


I called a neighbor friend of ours whose husband owns a plumbing and heating business, thinking just maybe he would have a Slim Jim.  Nope.  And none of his employees had one either.  I called the troopers whose station is right around the corner, and he said they weren't issued Slim Jim's anymore.  Why not?!!?  He did come over anyway, just to see what he could do, but he couldn't really do anything.  He mentioned that they have had to break a window to get a child out when it was 85 degrees, but it wasn't nearly that hot yesterday, and one of the back windows was open so the baby was getting fresh air.


The baby also handed me a water bottle that I was able to open for him, and we could hand him crackers too.  He never got scared or worried; I think he just didn't understand why we were all standing around the car talking to him.  Oh, and he found my cell phone and called my SIL!  I could see through the window who the call had gone to, so as soon as he closed the phone, I called her on my home phone and explained the situation.  She said that if we had to break a window, we should make sure to call a glass repair shop and get an estimate on which window would be cheapest to replace.  She said that most people break one that is more expensive to replace.  She would know; her father is the manager at a Speedy Glass shop, and she used to work for him!  Interesting to know.


Anyway, the trooper suggested we call a tow truck driver, and the closest one was up in Trapper Creek, about 14 miles up the highway.  We live out in the boonies, so there are no taxi drivers available, who I have been told are a lot cheaper.  I called the tow truck driver who said he would be on his way.  In the meantime, the trooper left, since there wasn't anything he could do.  He said it had happened to him before too.  He was really nice about it.


I called my MIL at work, and she said she knew of a couple of guys in town who had Slim Jims so she tried to get ahold of them, but they were 14 miles away from us a different direction.  Finally, the tow truck driver showed up, whipped his Slim Jim together, used some rubber wedges to wedge the door open a crack, put what looked like a blood pressure cuff in the small opening, pumped it up a little to widen the gap, stuck his Slim Jim in the door, pulled the latch up, opened the door, turned to me and said, “That will be $60,” and walked to his truck to put his Slim Jim away.  Ouch!  I wonder how much a Slim Jim costs….


So, an hour after we had planned to leave for the library, we were finally on our way.  That was our little adventure for the day yesterday.  The boys thought learning about Slim Jims was pretty neat though!

Our littlest handsome man…

I was realizing the other night while I lay in my bed with my hands cupped around my ever expanding belly, feeling the little movements and squirms of the babe hidden within, that I haven't told all about the joy I take every night in doing this!  It is kind of like our own little secret playtime!  I rarely feel this little man move during the day, but in the evening when I crawl into bed, he is always there to comfort me and tell me that he is still there with me.  I love this part of being pregnant!

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy….

oh boy, oh BOY!!!! 

The Mischenko name will go on!!  Yes, the Mischenko family is happy to
announce that we are having our *5th* BOY!  I told dh, “Just think how much
work we will get out of these guys!”

He replied with, “She is going to be *SO* spoiled!!”

Anyway, our news for the day!  No name yet….oh, and he is 10 ounces already!  So cute!!!!

Teeth coming and going!

M is finally adding to his collection of teeth!  He has had just four on top and two on the bottom for so long.  For the last month, he has been having three nasty diapers a day, been really fussy, not sleeping well, started biting and drooling excessively, among other things.  I kept checking for a tooth to no avail.  It finally all made sense when I saw a little tooth peeking through the gums on the bottom.  It looks like there might be one on the other side trying to come in as well.


I, on the other hand, has his first loose tooth!  I remember him lamenting the fact that he hadn't had a loose tooth yet last fall, but now, you would think he would be excited.  Not so…he says it hurts, and makes it hard for him to eat.  He is learning to eat with the side of his mouth though.  It is really loose though, and when I wiggle it, I can hear it scraping on the tooth underneath, so I don't think it is long for this world!

M’s latest accomplishments

It has been so long since I posted!  5s1 is getting to be such a big boy.  He has such expressions now, and seems to be trying his voice with a few words.  I thought he said “dog” the other day!  He is very happy walking around the house as long as he is pushing his walker or holding fingers on both of my hands.  He actually crawls now instead of pulling himself around too.


Oh, and the latest news is that he has a new tooth!  He got his first two bottom teeth around Labor Day, and he just cut his first top tooth last week.  The other top tooth is trying to break through, but it seems kind of stubborn.  He is such a horrible teether too!  ugh!


Speaking of whom, I should go to bed and sleep while he is.  Night!


Oh, and thanks to those who posted comments recently.  It helped inspire me to actually write these posts down, instead of just in my head at night!  LOL!!

M’s accomplishments!

My youngest, M, will be 8 months old on the 30th.  He is such a fun baby!  He has been on the fussy side lately, but I think he is teething, as he has yet to cut a tooth!


He can get up on his hands and knees, but he can't seem to figure out where to go from there, so he just army crawls.  He slithers all over the floor.  Ugh, his clothes are *so* dirty by the end of the day.  He is my little dust mop!


He has figured out how to pull up on things though!  This morning, I set him on the floor next to my bed to play while I dozed for a few more minutes, and I heard him say, “Buuuh!”  I opened my eyes, and he was standing next to me holding onto the laundry basket!  He was so proud of himself!


His favorite place to crawl is through the bottom of the coffee table!  Everytime he is in the livingroom, it goes out of his way to crawl through it.  I will have to post a picture of him doing it.