Seth – 20 months old

I realized that SO much has changed for Seth in the last month, and I haven’t shared on my blog! It is AMAZING the growth I have seen in him!


1) 4-point crawling is now his default mode of travel! He started his first 4-point crawl at the beginning of September, when he was in the nursery at Awana! I was in there with him, and he got up on his hands and knees, crawled 4 spaces, signed milk, and said, “Please!” It was SO incredible! I was SO excited!!

After that, he would revert back to the belly sliding most of the time and I was getting rather discouraged, but one funny story about that is that I would tell him “get up on your knees” and he would for a pace or two, then drop back down. After about a week of that, I would say, “Get up on your knees, Seth!” and he would laugh and start belly crawling away faster! He is such a little stinker bug!!


I was getting a little discouraged again, (why do I always do that to myself!?), so I started “making him” crawl on his knees up and down the hallway, like I did when he was first learning how to make forward motion. This time was a little more challenging though, for as soon as I would get in front of him to encourage him forward, he would drop back down onto his belly and scoot. Eventually, after several days of multiple times up and down the hallway, he gave up the belly crawling for the much faster mode of 4-point crawling. He’ll still drop down on his belly at times, especially if it is a nice slick floor (he’s NO dummy!), and “glide” across the floor at top speed!

3) Seth is now pulling up on EVERYTHING, including the coffee table, bar stools, chairs, laundry baskets, toys, beds, mats, etc! He is now cruising along any surface, and passing back and forth between items!


He has learned the fine art of climbing from place to place, including the stairs. On Sunday, he climbed all the way to the top of the stairs at church to the youth room with no one noticing, and started hollering because it echoes up there! He will climb up onto the floor mats in his sister’s room and then onto the bed by the mat, and two days ago, he climbed A LADDER!! It’s a good thing his brother was around to spot him!!


He will stand against the wall for a long time, playing ball with me, until he tires and lowers himself down to a sitting position! He will also stand at the coffee table, and barely hold on with one hand while playing with whatever he can get his hands onto.


2) After he started 4-point crawling, it was like his brain exploded with new energy. He has added A LOT of new signs to his list! He now signs the following words, and will put 2-3 signs together to get what he wants, like “eat more,” “more cracker,” “more milk please,” etc.:

  1. Mama
  2. more
  3. milk
  4. eat
  5. tired
  6. water
  7. all done
  8. baby (it’s SO cute!!)*
  9. thirsty*
  10. dog*
  11. Dada*
  12. please*
  13. thank you*
  14. hat*
  15. ball*
  16. cracker*

(* denotes it is a brand new sign from last week! It seems like I am missing a few, but I can’t think of them right now.) He will try just about any sign I show him, so I’m trying to expand his “vocabulary” while he is still a sponge, yet maintaining the ones he knew before. Naomi and I have started signing the song “Father, I Adore You” to him, and he will roll his hands around trying to copy us! It is SO good to be able to communicate with him more!!

3) His siblings have taught him a new game too. They will ask him, “Where do you want to go?” and he will emphatically point and say, “Dat dey!!” to which they will run with him in their arms, in whatever direction he indicates. 😀


4) He can now place the rings onto his stacker, and tonight at dinner, he was stacking the coasters up on top of his cup! He also puts the balls into his ball popper  (it only had a small ball-sized hole) and can almost hit the plunger hard enough to start it.

While eating meals, he has figured out how to hold his cup completely on his own, and then set it down in the designated circle on the high chair tray! He loves to do it because his siblings all clap for him, so he claps too!


I ordered a new toy for him, and it came in the mail today. I can’t wait to introduce it to him and see how he does! I’ll try to take pictures!

5) He is also “reading”! He has been using Little Reader through Brillkids, and I really didn’t think he was getting much out of it. I have the iAccess with his account, and we use the iPad mostly, so it’s touch screen. He is now tapping the “page” to turn the “page.”

ALSO, at the end of each section is a game time. I usually skip through that pretty quickly, because I assumed he couldn’t do it. Well, one day, I let him try, and he picked the right response! It prompts him to respond such as “Touch the pig.” AND HE DID IT!! I was SO surprised! Joey is using Little Reader too, and Seth will crawl over to him and take the iPad away for himself! It is just amazing how much this kiddo LOVES to learn!!


Ok, enough bragging for now! I need to get some sleep so I can keep up with him!

May the Lord bless you and your family!

Seth is 19 months old now!

Mommy brag time! Seth is standing right up and then sitting down, onto a stool, at the coffee table on his own! Still a little wobbly, but he’s actually moving his feet when he’s standing there now too! He even kicked the block that fell on the floor at his feet! I really feel like he is SO close to cruising!

Oh, and he CAN crawl on all fours if he feels my hand is under his chest, even ever so slightly, but his preferred mode is definitely to pull himself. He’s been doing it so long, I’m really at a loss as to how to change that!

 Cowboy Seth

He also loves to put things onto his head, socks, blocks, clothes, etc. and giggles like crazy when they fall off. It’s SO cute!

He’s doing things on command, like “Sit down,” “Give me a kiss!,” etc. His signing is exploding too! He signs more, all done, water, tired, mama, eat, and milk, and says “please” at the same time that he signs. Tonight, I asked him, “Are you tired?” and he signed it twice! I guess he was really tired! 

My little man is growing up….

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

I remember when my daughter was born I thought, "Oh my goodness!  I am going to have to be careful about what I say and do, because she is going to be watching every move I make, and emulating every thing I do and say.  I can tell where my strengths are…she adores her daddy and her two little brothers!  Lately I have been noticing that she is being more lazy in her chores.  It used to be that she was so cheerful to set the table, unload the dishwasher, straighten up her room, etc. but now she dwaddles, wanders, or disappears.  Am I looking into a mirror?  Hmmm….

My darling little 3yo

My 3yo (who just turned 3!) started into saying, "God says…"  It first happened when I threw a piece of rope away.  He found it and said, "Mom!  God said, "Don’t throw ropes away!"  It was SO funny!  Then, yesterday, he told me "God said I’m ‘possed to betect you!"  (He was shooting bears!) It was so sweet!!  My little man….

It has really opened the door to teach him more in depth what God really says, and how we know what God says.

New picture of Baby T

Here is a more recent picture of our new little man.  I took him in to the midwives to check his growth yesterday, and he is now at two months old, up to 9 pounds and 11.5 ounces!  He has been on a growing spurt during the last two weeks, increasing my milk supply by wanting to nurse constantly!


He is still a pretty mellow baby when he isn't hungry or dirty, and will just lay there watching everything for an hour.  He has to be sitting up though, so he can see everything!  He holds his head up really well, and has started smiling pretty frequently.  He also sleeps all night for 8 hours once I get him to sleep!


Well, I need to get the kids started on school, but I really needed to get a few new posts done, for my faithful friends who keep checking on me.  Thanks, guys!  I could use the support right now!

It’s official!

Our new son, Timothy Craig, was baptized on Sunday.  Craig is my dh's name, and it took me 5 sons to get him to let me name one after him!  Our last two boys have their grandfather's names as their middle names, and my daughter has my name as her middle name, so I wanted to keep up with the middle names being after a family member, and I have always loved my dh's name.


Timothy seems to really fit this little guy…speaking of whom, I was going to write more, but he just woke up.  Off to nurse…I will try to get back on here this afternoon.

Our son’s name…

Sorry, but you have to wait until after next Sunday.  We have picked a name, but dh wants to reveal it at his baptism, which will be next Sunday.  We have told our parents, but no one else at this point.  The kids are being really good about our “secret”! 


So, hopefully, I will be able to get online on Sunday evening, and post his blessed name!  Maybe even a picture or two of his baptism!


Here is the list we are working on, although his middle name is not on here.












What do you like?

Weekend baby update

Well, we are still holding on here…no baby yet.   All weekend I have been having contractions to the point of wondering if we should head in to the birthing center.  We live an hour away, and my labors go pretty quickly, so I anguish over making the drive down, and not really being in labor.  Anyway, I guess I just need to mellow out and stop fretting about it, and I suppose I will really know when it is time.   God has safely delivered two of my babies from here, so I have no doubt He will do it again.


My dad preached a sermon yesterday about trusting God and how we have peace through Him.  He will never fail us if we rely on Him.  Instead of fretting and worrying, we are to turn to Him in prayer, and REJOICE, knowing that He hears us.


I am just going to enjoy sleeping through the night (mostly!) and getting lots done around here.  Now that we are past the 37-week mark, I don't have to worry about doing whatever I want to to get the house ready for a new little one and a move.  I am just praying that he doesn't come the last week of August, as we are supposed to move on September 1st…even if he comes a few days late, after the move!  At least we would be right across the street from the birthing center then!


Still no name….

Baby update…

I didn't have too many contractions today.
We had a lovely picnic with many fellow Christian homeschoolers today,
and then I had a midwife appt. The baby is definitely very low.
Jessica (one of the midwives) said that she could barely feel his head
he is so low! I had a contraction while I was there, so she felt how
hard it was, and how long they were. They are definitely real. She
also said that the sharp pains in my nether regions were probably
changes in the cervix.

She asked if I wanted to be checked, but we didn't want to stir things
up any, so she will check me next week just so I know how fast we need
to drive when the contractions get regular! LOL! They did offer to let
me come stay there at the birthing center if I feel like I need to.
They just remodeled a little room for that exact purpose at the center.

The baby is laying backward, meaning that it feels like he is way over
on the side, so she has me trying some postions to help encourage him to
turn, so he doesn't come out upside-down, like Naomi did. I have
another appt. next Tuesday.

Yes, only one more day…and dh will be home tomorrow night. 😉 I
really miss him when he is gone, especially after this memorable
weekend!! He has been so sweet, calling me very regularly to check up
on me. Such a dear….

Well, it is late, and I have groceries to put away and I need to get the
kids to bed. They got their new science books in the mail, so they are
sitting in the livingroom at 9pm doing school! Gotta love the beginning
of school….