Baby update…

I didn't have too many contractions today.
We had a lovely picnic with many fellow Christian homeschoolers today,
and then I had a midwife appt. The baby is definitely very low.
Jessica (one of the midwives) said that she could barely feel his head
he is so low! I had a contraction while I was there, so she felt how
hard it was, and how long they were. They are definitely real. She
also said that the sharp pains in my nether regions were probably
changes in the cervix.

She asked if I wanted to be checked, but we didn't want to stir things
up any, so she will check me next week just so I know how fast we need
to drive when the contractions get regular! LOL! They did offer to let
me come stay there at the birthing center if I feel like I need to.
They just remodeled a little room for that exact purpose at the center.

The baby is laying backward, meaning that it feels like he is way over
on the side, so she has me trying some postions to help encourage him to
turn, so he doesn't come out upside-down, like Naomi did. I have
another appt. next Tuesday.

Yes, only one more day…and dh will be home tomorrow night. 😉 I
really miss him when he is gone, especially after this memorable
weekend!! He has been so sweet, calling me very regularly to check up
on me. Such a dear….

Well, it is late, and I have groceries to put away and I need to get the
kids to bed. They got their new science books in the mail, so they are
sitting in the livingroom at 9pm doing school! Gotta love the beginning
of school….

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  1. It must be exciting knowing that it will be soon. (0: It is sooo much fun getting the school books in the mail. My 1ds already started his Learning to Write the Novel Way. ( that makes me real happy ) Well I hope to see you visit sometime real soon. I have really enjoyed your blog so far. God Bless.

    In Him,

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